Android application for sports and health

Android application for sports and health – Sports activities are needed by humans to increase endurance so they are not susceptible to disease. Yes, with exercise the body will become fitter and all organs can function optimally.

Because regular and routine exercise you can also feel the benefits in the long run. Later sports such as running or other aerobic exercise, is proven to delay physical limitations in the elderly.

In addition, sports are usually carried out by many people as a way to get the ideal body weight and healthy. Now, when our body is healthy, it can support to do various activities without obstacles. Unfortunately, sometimes in the midst of busy daily activities, sports become neglected. Especially for office workers.

Well, now there are many applications that can help you to maintain health through sports. Many smartphone applications that you can try to improve the quality of your health. Curious what the application?

Here are 9 Android applications for sports that can help maintain health.

1. Starva.
The first application you can try is Starva. This application is presented to control sports activities especially for running and also cycling.

Inside there are complete features, one of which can calculate the distance traveled and speed when running. In addition there are also competency features that allow users to be able to see the fastest running time of other users in an area to defeat it. Well, interesting right?

2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge.
The Android application for the next sport is 30 Day Fitness Challenge, which users have downloaded so much. This application is more suitable for you who like to exercise at home.

This application is equipped with a large variety of training types with various levels that you can choose. Each level lasts for 30 days where every few days there will be a break that is determined by the application. Not only that, interestingly this application also provides your sports report every day.

3. Sworkit.
Sworkit is an application designed to have 160 types of virtual physical training by professional personal trainers. You can also follow exercises according to your needs, for example by training based on body parts that you want to form.

In addition, you can also adjust the duration of training that can be adjusted to your routine schedule. The application, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS, is available in two paid and free versions. The difference in the subscription version you can choose even more types of exercises.

4. Nike Training Club.
Next is the Nike Training Club which can be used for users who like heavy sports with high intensity. This application also provides a training program that is adjusted by the user.

You can also adjust schedules, targets, and abilities. Not only that, this application is also equipped with features where there are expert sports advice to focus on routine training and user progress.

5. Daily Workouts.
For those of you who are trying to help your body become ideal, this Daily Workouts application might be able to help you do your target sports every day. Yes, you can start exercising 5 minutes a day rather than nothing.

In this application there are more than 95 video tutorials that you can try to practice. Guaranteed to make more enthusiasm for exercise.

6. Moves.
Moves is an application that serves as a reminder and record the distance of the trip you make every day from walking, going up and down stairs, to cycling.

This application also provides features that can count the calories you burn and appear through simple graphs. Besides that, you can also record your trip and enter it on the map.

7. Google Fit.
Next there is the Google Fit application, as the name implies this application was launched by Google. This Android application for sports has several features that can be used to count steps, view charts to show your fitness level, and find out how many calories you have burned. This application is very compatible on various Android devices and can be used by beginners or professionals.

8. 7 Minutes Workouts.
Make no mistake, with 7 minutes of exercise every day will still have a good impact on your body. Yes, as the name suggests this application invites users to exercise at least 7 minutes per day.

With this application you can view detailed reports while you exercise. 7 Minutes Workouts also provide exercise training that can shrink the stomach to form a sixpack stomach.

9. Couch To 5K.
Finally, there is the Couch To 5K application which is suitable for you who love running every day. You can also plan a nine-week gradual exercise to prepare you for longer distances, for example 5 kilometers.

You can also choose to do a sports plan such as jogging or a leisurely walk. Interestingly, this application also features a professional video coach and also a built-in music player that can be used as friends when running.