Free E-Book Provider Site

Free E-Book Provider Site – To be smarter there are many ways you can do it, because being smart and smart is everyone’s right. One way you can try is to read a book. But in fact from year to year the cost of education tends to rise and the impact on the price of books that also go up along.

Don’t worry if you come across increasingly expensive book prices, because there are plenty of good people out there who provide various platforms to share books and knowledge for free. The following will review some of the Free E-Book sources that you can download for free and of course legal.

1. Project Gutenberg
This large project was initiated by Michael Hart, who began collecting books in 1971. Until now, Project Gutenberg has 49,000 titles that can be downloaded and accessed legally. When combined with other affiliated sites, the number of available book titles can be more than 100,000 in epub and kindle format.

The topic of the book provided various kinds ranging from Literature, Fables, History, to Science. Most of the books in Project Gutenberg are books whose production rights have entered the public domain. If you also like classic novels, this is the place. Click

2. Open Library
As the name implies, Open Library is an open library where we can also place our books in this library and is open to anyone who accesses them. Like a library, there are many books that can only be read online. But there are also many books that we can download for free so that we can read at any time without an internet connection. Open the website at

3. OAPEN Library
The OAPEN Library site focuses more on academic books in the social realm of humanities. Don’t worry about the quality of the tens of thousands of books found on this site, because the OAPEN Library applies a peer review mechanism where only books that have passed the reading tests of selected academics can be displayed on this site. You can access the OAPEN Library at the link

4. Aceh Books
As the name implies, this site is dedicated to digitizing thousands of books about Aceh. After the 2004 tsunami, there were hundreds of thousands of books in libraries in Aceh that were damaged and even destroyed. Faced with this, the KITLV in Leiden took the initiative to digitize important books on the Aceh topic. So far there have been 1200 titles that have been available.

The majority of the books are provided in Indonesian, Acehnese, English, Dutch and several European languages. The range of books contained in Aceh Books originates from the 17th century until now, published by publishers in Indonesia and Europe. Important books such as the full Snouck Hurgronje advice are available on this site. Click

If you like world literature like Dumas, Mark Twain, Allan Poe, Leo Tolstoy, and so on, then this site is perfect for you to access. Thousands of books from other famous writers in the world are free for you to access here. Unlike other sites, you cannot download in pdf, epub, or kindle format. But you do not need to worry, this site is very easy to access because the provision is only text without images so it does not use up internet access quota. Click

6. Feedbooks
This site provides thousands of books from various genres and disciplines, ranging from religion to history. All books on this site can be downloaded for free and can be read even without an internet connection. The majority of books in Feedbooks have entered the public domain. Visit the site at

7. Internet Archive
This large site provides more than 8 million document archives that are free to access and download in various forms. This number continues to grow every day and of course you can access it for free. Not only books, the Internet Archive also has ambitions in documenting and archiving all the artifacts of human culture. Simply click