Get to know the Video Streaming Service

Get to know the Video Streaming Service – The internet is one of the important things in the world, because the internet is considered as the key to the development of the world. With the presence of the internet, various things can be done. Starting from disseminating information across countries, to enjoying the latest entertainment only through the grasp of our hands.

In addition to social media, one of the innovations that emerged with the presence of the internet was video streaming services. The presence of this video streaming service makes it easy for internet users to enjoy video content from various available streaming platforms.

What is Streaming Video Service?
Video streaming service is a service that allows users to enjoy live-watched video content through devices connected to the telecommunications network, without having to wait for the entire video to be transmitted to the user’s device. The content offered from video streaming services is currently quite diverse, films, TV series, and so on. With the development of technology and hardware specifications in the present, video streaming services become easier and more comfortable to be enjoyed by various internet users in the world.

The most famous video streaming service at this time is YouTube, where there is a lot of video content available and can be enjoyed for free by all internet users. YouTube provides a platform for users to upload and share video content for their own video channels. Video channel owners can benefit from the content they upload with the monetization feature after fulfilling some of the conditions set by YouTube.

Besides YouTube, there are also other video streaming services that have a similar concept, such as Dailymotion, Vine, and Vimeo.

Subscription-based Video Streaming Service
In addition to YouTube, which can be enjoyed by users for free, there is also a subscription-based video streaming service. Users of the service must pay a subscription fee to enjoy video content available on the platform. At present, there have been many streaming video services with subscription concepts, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the latest is Disney + (read Disney Plus).

This streaming video service generally offers limited content, such as films, TV series, and news. In general, these various video streaming services offer relatively the same subscription prices each month. The strength of each provider is the variety of content provided by video streaming services. Because of this variety of content, potential users often experience confusion in choosing a video streaming service that suits their choice, which in turn makes users subscribe to more than one video streaming service.

Video Streaming Services in Indonesia
In Indonesia, there are several streaming video services similar to Netflix, such as Iflix, Hooq, Catchplay, Genflix, Viu, and the latest is Go-Play (made by Go-Jek). Like Netflix, video streaming services in Indonesia also offer subscription fees. However, the price is much cheaper than video streaming services outside Indonesia, adjusting the content provided by related services. In addition, this video streaming service also works with several production companies as content providers, generally film, which makes wide-screen films can be enjoyed through local video streaming services after the film is not replayed in theaters.

With the presence of various video streaming services, both local and international, internet users are increasingly facilitated to enjoy video content through devices with the support they have.