How to Make an Interesting and Effective Presentation

How to Make an Interesting and Effective Presentation – Almost everyone seems to have dealt with presentations. Whether it’s to deliver material in class, community meetings, or business meetings. There must be moments when we have to make a presentation in front of an audience. That’s why it’s important to know how to make effective presentations.

How to make a good presentation is done by combining interesting text and images. Paying attention to the comfort and convenience of the audience is a top priority, so the presentation will have its own charm.

So how do you make a good, interesting and effective presentation? As reported by Microsoft (11/21/2019), here are ways to make a good presentation.

How to Make an Effective Presentation
Minimize the number of slides
Choose a font that is easy to read
Choose a font size that your audience can read from a distance
Keep text simple by using short points or sentences
Use graphics to help deliver presentation messages
Create labels for charts and graphs so that they are easy to understand
Keep the slide background smooth and consistent
Use high contrast between background color and text color
Check spelling and grammar

Minimize Number of Slides
How to make a good and interesting presentation must be effective in its delivery. So that the message can be conveyed properly and the audience’s attention is not distracted, keep the number of slides in the presentation to a minimum.
Your presentation and explanation will be a very important factor in this regard. The ability to attract the audience is needed to make your presentation successfully captivate many people.

Choose Easy to Read Fonts
The next way to make a good presentation is to choose a font that is easy for the audience to read. Choosing the right font style, like Helvetica or Arial will help convey the message that you bring in the presentation.

Avoid tight fonts, such as Arial narrowing, and avoid fonts that include fancy edges, like Kali. You should also pay attention to whether the font you choose can be read from a distance.

Choose a Font Size that Your Audience Can Read from a Distance
Just like font selection, font size also has a very important role as a way to make a good presentation. Choosing the right font size helps convey the message of your presentation.

You can refer to the following measurements in determining the font size on a computer screen. You must first activate full screen mode on the display tab, then in the presentation view group, click slide show.

One-inch letters can be read from 10 feet.
Two-inch letters can be read from a distance of 20 feet.
Three-inch letters can be read from 30 feet.

These measurements indicate the font size on your computer screen, not when projected on the screen to the audience in full screen mode.

Keep Text Simple by Using Short Points or Sentences
How to make a good presentation next is to make points and short sentences. Use short points or sentences, and try to keep each line one meaningful, without long text sentences.

One way to make a good presentation is to make your audience listen to you convey information, and not focus too much on the monitor. Long sentences certainly disturb the concentration of the audience from listening to you because they read the sentences on the presentation slide.

Use Charts to Help Deliver Presentation Messages
Furthermore, you can also include various art graphics to help deliver presentations. How to make a good presentation this one can be used graphs to help tell a story. This is very good for attracting audience interest in your presentation.

But don’t overload your audience by adding too many graphics to the slide. This certainly makes your presentation boring.

Create Labels for Charts and Graphics for Easy Understanding
Next, to make your presentation easier to understand, you can use enough text to make the label elements in the chart or graphic understandable. That way, not only interesting, your presentation will also be more effectively delivered to the audience.

Make sure the Slide Background is Still Smooth and Consistent
The next way to make a good presentation is to keep the background of the slides smooth and consistent. This is done so that the audience is more comfortable seeing your presentation. But don’t choose anything that is too conspicuous so as not to obscure your presentation’s message.

Choose a template that is interesting, consistent, or a theme that is not too interesting. You certainly don’t want the background or design to instead divert the presentation message.

Use High Contrast between Background Color and Text Color
Still around the color and background, you can use high contrast between the background color and the color of the text. The theme automatically adjusts the contrast between a light background with dark colored text or a dark background with light colored text. This is very important in how to make a good presentation so that the audience does not feel disturbed when viewing the presentation slides.

Check Spelling and Grammar
The last way to make a good presentation is to use correct spelling and grammar. For the sake of gaining and maintaining respect from the audience, always check the spelling and grammar in your presentation. This is often considered trivial, even though a small mistake like this is often noticed by the audience.

Those are the ways to make attractive and effective presentations.