Journal of Accounting and Its Functions

Journal of Accounting and Its Functions – Some functions of accounting journals are as follows.

Recording Function
Accounting journals are useful for recording every transaction made in business activities. These activities include capital, assets or assets, financing, to the trial balance and the lane balance sheet.
The more complete the data is inputted and written, the better the quality of the accounting journal. Until later can provide financial data that is truly accurate, credible and in accordance with evidence.

Analysis function
Analysis in this accounting journal can include notes in the debit, credit along with the amount, to classification. Recording activities in accounting journals are the result of transaction analysis such as debiting and crediting the affected accounts.

For example, when a company makes a transaction, staff must be able to determine whether the transaction account is in the debit or credit category.

Historical Functions
In general, accounting journals record all forms of day-to-day corporate activities in the form of numbers, which these activities occur continuously.

In the process of recording an accounting journal, it is recommended to record details of each transaction based on the date the transaction occurred. So, it can be said that accounting journals also have a historical function because the recording is done systematically and in accordance with the timeline.