Premium Streaming Website

Premium Streaming Website – Watching movies is an activity that can be done on leisure on weekends or long holidays. Especially with the many streaming sites and movie downloads available, making us not need to bother going out of the house to the cinema to watch movies.

Simply with an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop at home, we can already watch our favorite movies either through the movie watching application or via web streaming. There are many streaming and download movie sites that offer free viewing, but some are paid. Well, this time I want to provide recommendations for streaming sites and movie downloads.

1. Iflix
Iflix is ​​a movie streaming and download site that you can access via a smartphone or laptop. There are many films and drama series that you can enjoy at Iflix. Starting from Indonesian films, Hollywood, until Korean dramas. Some of the films you can also enjoy for free without having to subscribe in advance. However, to get more access, you need to subscribe first. But for you indihome internet service customers, you can enjoy watching on iflix for free for 1 year. Then, for Indosat Ooredoo customers don’t need to worry, you can watch movies for free for 6 months on iflix really.

2. WeTv
For you Chinese drama lovers, maybe WeTv is heaven for you. YouTv can be accessed via the site or you can download the application directly on your gadget. Oh yeah, WeTv also has a YouTube channel that often uploads the latest episodes of your favorite Chinese dramas. Besides Chinese dramas, you can also enjoy Korean dramas on the WeTv website. For the subtitles themselves, you don’t need to worry. On WeTV, you can watch Chinese and Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles.

3. Popcornflix
Popcornflix is ​​a legal movie streaming site and you can enjoy watching movies through its website address, using your favorite gadget of course. On Popcornflix you can enjoy watching Hollywood movies, but there are also some Asian films that you can watch. Although maybe not as much as his Hollywood films. Then in addition to films, you can watch reality shows and western drama series. This site might be your favorite for those who love TV shows and Hollywood films.

4. Tubi Tv
Another movie streaming site that you can download through your gadget, namely Tubi Tv. But you don’t have to download the application anyway, if your gadget storage doesn’t load you just have to access the site On Tubi Tv, you can enjoy hundreds of films and tv shows from abroad. Streaming services on this site are also free, so you only need to provide internet quota capital. In addition, for those of you who like Japanese anime, there are also here. But don’t expect more, because it won’t be up to date on Crunchyroll which is a special site for streaming anime.

5. Upstream
Hulu is a legal streaming and downloading site for movies or TV shows. You can watch a lot of films of various genres for free but access will be limited, rather than you choose to subscribe to this site. To be able to subscribe to this site, you can spend $ 5.99 or if it’s paid more or less around 90 thousand rupiah. But just calm, you can try a free trial for 1 month before deciding whether to start subscribing or not.

6. Netflix
For movie fans, this streaming site must be familiar. Netflix provides hundreds of movie shows and drama series. You can watch movies that appear in theaters or Korean dramas here. In addition, Netflix also produces many films and series of its own. Like Stranger Things, Kingdom, and many others. But unfortunately, indihome and Telkomsel internet service users cannot access this streaming site without first using VPN.

7. Viu
The best known streaming and download site in Indonesia is probably viu. Many choose to use this site to stream their favorite films. You can enjoy various types of films and drama series here. Ranging from local films to international there. A watch like original viu is a spectacle that you can only watch on a viu site or application. In addition, in viu you can access movies or drama series for free or if you want to get full access, you can subscribe to the Viu Premium package.

8. HooQ
Hooq is a legal film streaming site in Indonesia such as viu and others. On Hooq also presents its original drama series which usually must be subscribed to be watched. In addition, movies and drama series, on HooQ you can also enjoy watching Indonesian TV broadcasts. For Telkomsel users, you can enjoy watching on hooq using the MaxStream quota package.

9. Youtube
Everyone knows that YouTube is the biggest video site. You can watch anything on YouTube, including movies. Lately, there have been many YouTube channels that contain movie or drama content. Just type in the search section for the title of the movie or drama series you want to watch, if you’re lucky you can find what you’re looking for. There are even some films or drama series that are only available on YouTube. Moreover, this youtube site is not paid or free, so you only need internet access.

10. Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video is a legal and paid movie streaming service site. You can try using it for free for about 2 days by registering using your email or Facebook account. After that, your account will automatically be upgraded to premium. But you can at any time unsubscribe from this site. To be able to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video there, you just have to spend $ 5.99 or about 90 thousand rupiah.

Well, that’s some sites that you can access to watch movies on weekends, both free and paid sites.