Recommended video streaming service

Recommended video streaming service – A wide selection of recommended video streaming service applications. For the matter of quality there is no doubt. Here below is a video streaming service application that is highly recommended!

HOOQ is a Singapore-based video streaming service application. First released in 2015 by Peter Bithos. This application is a collaboration between Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel). Not only that, this application also opens services in several countries in Asia such as the Philippines, Thailand, India, and of course there is also Indonesia. This application also won an award as the Best Mobile App in the 2016 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards in Barcelona

2. iflix
Not much different from HOOQ, Iflix is ​​a video streaming service application from Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia. This application was founded by well-known founders such as Mark Britt, Patrick Grove, and Evolution Media Capital. This private company is led by a well-known figure from Sydney, Australia, Mark Britt. For its services not only in Southeast Asia but to the regions of West Asia such as Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan and many more.

3. Viu
Hong Kong also did not want to lose to release a video streaming service application called Viu. This application is still new to its public presence and was first released in 2015 in Hong Kong. The country it serves is almost exactly the same as Iflix, namely Southeast Asia to West Asia. This application was founded by PCCW Media Limited. While in Indonesia, this application was officially released on May 26, 2016. This service site is a paradise with Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas.

The Republic of China also wants to compete in releasing the streaming video service application. Catchplay was founded in 2007 by the founders of famous figures such as Cher Wang, Timothy Chen, and Daphne Yang. This application is located head office in Taipei, Taiwan. The name of this application has changed with the name that was previously CATCHPLAY to CATCHPLAY +. This application service is only available in three countries namely Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.

5. Genflix 2.0
Finally guys, now Indonesia is also present in creating a video streaming service application called Genflix 2.0. This application is held by the Citra Lestari Festival and was first released on the market on April 28, 2015. In addition, this application was also able to get full support, you know from the government. Uniquely, this application has also been awarded the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI 2014) on May 14, 2014 which took place at Plaza FX Jakarta. If you want to use this application, genflix makes it easy for its customers by being accessible via the web or applications in the gadget.

6. MAXstream
For the citizens of Indonesia, they definitely know this one application. MAXstream is a streaming service application owned by Telkomsel with a clear central location in Indonesia. This application has three types of channels namely free channels, basic channels, and premium channels. With a specific explanation like this: Free channels can be accessed free of charge by Telkomelsel customers or non-subscribers
Basic channels can be accessed for free as well with additional international channels such as EuroSport, Animal Planet and Discovery Asia
Premium channels are available for Telkomsel customers who purchase monthly data packages with additional channels such as Warner TV, OH! K, and Nick Jr.
Users also can still enjoy VideoMax services, namely HOOQ, Viu, CatchPlay, Nickelodeon Play, and Tribe through the application.

So that’s about the Recommended video streaming service application options. Which one do you want to download after reading this article? Or do you already have the application? Have a try!