The Best Live Streaming Game Android Application

The Best Live Streaming Game Android Application – You need to know, at this time the game online game has become one of the games that are much liked by the community both children and adults. Currently there are indeed hundreds of online games that have been created by developers specifically for true gamers around the world. The game applications themselves are made with a view to being a means of public entertainment.

But it was never thought if it turns out that currently online games have had new benefits for some people. Ie as a moneymaker by doing live streaming when playing games. Live streaming itself can be done with the help of a PC or mobile PC. Now for those of you who want to do live streaming using Mobile there are several applications that you can do. And the following complete information.

Currently live streaming games are very popular and are often done by gamers with pro players. Well, many of them gamers do live streaming in playing games. There are those who show how great they are when playing games and some who want to show tricks and tips when playing the game by doing live streaming related games.

However, to do live streaming games you need a number of ways so that live streaming games can be watched by many people and can make money. In addition, you also have to use some application rocks so that your live streaming game can run smoothly. And here are some of the best Android game streaming applications today.

1. Twitch
The first application that you can use for live streaming games is Twitch. This application is a video service site that provides users with the opportunity to upload, stream live and gameplay through the Xbox console to Playstation 4 which can be watched by thousands of users in real time. This live streaming application is very popular for those of you who use social media that has a Youtube application to Instagram.

2. Youtube Gaming
Besides Twitch, the application that you can use to do the next live streaming game is an application called Youtube Gaming. You need to know the video service site that has been downloaded by millions of android users apparently has a branch of service. Youtube gaming is a service that you can use as a live broadcast game application to connect with other Youtube game users. But unfortunately, at this time Youtube gaming has been closed and transferred to normal Youtube.

3. Cube TV
Next is the android live streaming game application called Cube TV. This application is a live broadcast community application that is quite popular in the gaming world. You need to know if, this application has provided a real time video with quite high quality and makes users dissolve when exploring the world of games ranging from PUBG, GTAV to League of Legends.

4. Live Dota
Currently there are indeed various types of the best live streaming game applications. However, only a few have a good level of popularity. Like this one application, which has the name Live Dota, this application is an application that was created specifically for dota game fans by carrying features that are quite complete. This live broadcast application provides game statistics in real time including kills, items, gold graphs, and other statistics.

5. Create Mixers
The next android live streaming game application is the create mixer. This application is one of the best android live streaming game applications available today. Besides this application has also been prioritized for watching other user impressions with live streaming services. But that does not mean it can not do live streaming using this application.

6. Omlet Arcade
One of the other best android live streaming game applications is the omlet arcade. This application is indeed widely used by gamers to make streaming games. In addition, this application also not only provides live broadcast services to its users. But this application will also provide sharing services with other social media accounts.

7. Nimo TV For Broadcaster -Go Live
Not only can do live streaming, but this android live streaming game application also offers a set of players, gamers, to general fans who will easily share information through this application. The high quality of interactive technology places this application as one of the gamer applications that is widely favored by international gamers.

8. Game.Iy
Game.Iy is also a live streaming game platform that is starting to be in high demand by Indonesian gamers. Meanwhile, this application is also a platform that was established with the aim of becoming a channel distributor of gamers and hobbyists. In this application gamers can leisurely watch live streaming games that are broadcast directly by the game streamers. Yes to the influencers.

9. Bigo Live
Who’s the one who doesn’t know about this live streaming app? This application is one of the newest android live streaming game applications that is quite popular among gamers in the country. This Singapore-based developer application has many service features so that not infrequently many people use this application to create live streaming games or videos.

10. Facebook Gaming
Facebook is a social media that is very popular in every circle of children to adults. But did you know Facebook can also be used to make live streaming games? at first this application can only be used to share videos that have been saved thanks to its live streaming feature. This live streaming feature on Facebook applies to all types of videos ranging from everyday videos to video games.

11. Mixer
Initially a live streaming game application called the Android Mixer has a Beam name. But after Microsoft bought it, the app was renamed as Mixer. By using this application you can interact with other gamers while watching other people’s live streaming. However, this application does not have a feature to upload game impressions, so you need the Create Mixer application.

12. Mobcrush
One of the most popular android live streaming game applications is Mobcrush. Video broadcasting application used to display game play on Android and iOS smartphones or tablet tablets. With this application you can make live broadcasts in playing games. In addition, this application is also widely used by gamers to create the latest live streaming game today.

13. StreamKar
Then there is the Android Live Streaming game application called StreamKar. This application can be used to broadcast directly and watch a game live broadcast. Even known, this application has an affiliate program that can help streamers to have a higher income. In addition, this application also accommodates the gaming community in it.

14. Streamlabs
Then there is the Androdi live streaming game application called Streamlabs. This application has various features that are very suitable for us to use. Meanwhile, this application is also connected directly to Twicth, Youtube and other applications. Therefore you do not need to create a new account again to use this application.

Well, that is some of the best android live streaming game applications that you can use. And these applications can help you gamers to be more confident in spreading the experience of playing games to be a promising means of making money. Thus information from us, may be useful.