The Best & Most Popular Android Online Game

The Best & Most Popular Android Online Game – One of the most effective ways to get rid of stress and boredom from daily routine is by playing games. Yep, the simple way is proven effective and is mostly done by smartphone users today.

Therefore, we should look for titles that are not boring so that the game can be a stepping stone when we are in a bad mood. On Android itself, actually to find a list of quality games is not difficult. Where you can see it based on ratings, reviews, and the number of downloads on the game you want to play.

But what if you want to find quality online games for Android? Well, this is an obstacle for gamers.

Here are the best and most popular android online games now. Of course the quality of gameplay offered from the title row of this game is very exciting. Let’s check this out!

1. Mobile Legends: Bang bang
Do you include gamers who like to play strategy games? If so, then the game titled Mobile Legends: This bang is worthy of your enjoyment. This Moonton game itself invites you to devise a strategy to destroy enemy towers in a 5 vs 5 duel. For those of you who like to play Dota, it might be very easy for you to play this MOBA game. Yep, the article is that the gameplay in this game is really similar to the Dota game that you normally play on that PC. Interested to try it?

2. Clash of Clans
The next android online game might have a fairly complete concept compared to the previous game title. Yep, the article Clash of Clans presents a variety of interesting game elements, including the combination of simulation with strategy. For the gameplay offered in this game made by Supercell, it’s also very good. This was proven clearly by the large number of players, namely more than 100 million players. In this game, players are required to create a building with good defensive strength. To make a strong defense, later you can use several types of buildings, such as cannons, watchtowers, and recruiting strong combat troops.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
For you lovers of car racing games, maybe the game title Asphalt 8: Airbone is not so familiar to you right. In this latest series, Gameloft presents many more exciting and challenging game concepts. Because the players do not just take action just like that. Where there are elements of action that make this racing game not boring. Even though in single player mode you will feel a lot of excitement when working on events, but in fact in multiplayer or online mode you don’t just feel how exciting it is to just do racing action. But there are challenges that are quite difficult when you have to compete with other players racing around the world.

4. 8 Ball Pool
Before it was available in a mobile version, this lightweight online game first existed on one of the most popular social media, namely Facebook. Although many of the latest online games are available on Google Play, 8 Ball Pool cannot be replaced just like that in the hearts of gamers. The way to play it is fairly easy, where players only need to insert the ball of the same type or color into the hole. No exception the color of the black ball, where the ball is the last ball that must be inserted into the hole as a decisive victory. Not only can you compete with millions of players across the world, here you can challenge your friends to compete in proving who is greater.

5. Clash Royale
In addition to Clash of Clans, Supercell also seems to have succeeded in capturing the hearts of gamers with the title of this game, namely Clash Royale. The title of this homemade strategy game is actually not much different from COC. Here you will also find a collection of characters that you normally use in COC games. It’s just that this game has a different gameplay from the competitor’s game titles. In this game, you are assigned to your three buildings from various enemy attacks. To do that, you can count on your favorite cards to block enemy attacks. Not only to make a strong defense, you also have to launch an attack to destroy enemy tower buildings. Whoever destroys the tower before time ends, he is the winner. Sounds fun right?

6. Modern Combat 5: Blackout
As we know, this one developer is incessantly making an innovative game that is quite attractive to gamers, who else if not Gameloft. In the game titled Modern Combat 5: Blackout, players can choose 3 varied modes of play, including main modes, side missions, and multiplayer. Of the three modes, multiplayer mode is the one who presents a lot of fun or more difficult challenges. Yep, the article players will fight against other players in real-time from various parts of the world. Which is the enemy skills of course we can not guess. Not only does it have exciting gameplay, this game also presents console-quality graphics that are fantastic.

7. Vainglory
Vainglory is the best MOBA game that has quite a number of players, which is more than 10 million players. This game made by Super Evil Megacorp itself has gameplay gameplay similar to the Dota game. It’s just that this game is packaged more simply with easier game controls. Like similar games, where in this game you are required to build strategies with teammates as best as possible to subvert the enemy.

8. FIFA Mobile
For a class of mobile games, it seems FIFA Mobile has an almost perfect game concept like the quality of consol games. In this game, players are required to build a small team that must win various matches so that the team has many sponsors and star players in it. The most interesting thing here is in its online or multiplayer features. Because the players can join a team that contains other players in various parts of the world to compete in various major leagues online. For you who have ambitions to become a coach or soccer management, this game with the theme of football manager is worthy of you to try.

9. Bomber Friends
Despite having simple graphics, it turns out this game called Bomber Friends can make you feel at home playing it for hours. This game made by Hyperkani comes with gameplay that is very similar to one of the PS1 game titles, namely Bomberman. It’s just that this game is packed with a more modern look, both in terms of the user interface and the features in it. The core and purpose of this game is actually very simple, you just need to destroy all the players around you with the bombs that you have. Wait a minute, you also have to be good at devising strategies so that they don’t become the butt of your enemies.

10. Chess Live
Like most chess games, where in this Chess Live game you will play the chess game method with the same rules. Not only provides offline mode against the computer, you can compete with other players in online or multiplayer mode. Of the many chess game titles for Android, maybe only the game made by Italy Games is the best.

11. Hearthstone
Blizzard is known as an excellent developer in packaging MOBA games, with several titles such as Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft. One of the striking things about this Hearthstone game is the combination of iconic characters from the three titles of the game he made. This game itself has a pretty good visual presentation for a type of card game. Where players will see the shape of the character in real as well as issuing visual effects when carrying out attacks on enemies.

12. Shadowgun: DeadZone
For you fans of the game type TPS (third person shooter), then the game called Shadowgun: DeadZone is required for you to play. Why? Of course one of the reasons is because the graphic quality presented in this game is equivalent to the game console. Not only that, the gameplay offered by Madfinger’s game is almost close to the perfect word. This game itself provides 2 game modes, namely Dead Match and Zone Control. Both of these modes have different excitement. And of course the challenges you face are other players with great skills from various countries.

13. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a card game that carries the theme of the game between the dueling Monsters through cards that you may already be familiar with on the screen. Just like the film and anime versions, where you can find iconic characters here, including Yugi and Kaiba. The essence of this game is very simple, players are required to arrange a deck containing cards. Each card must have its own strengths and weaknesses. And players must be clever in devising strategies to win every duel in the arena.

14. Domino Gaple Online
Like a gaple game in general, in this Online Gapino Domino you will also play 7 cards. The player who has the most number of cards when there is one player who has run out of cards, then he is the loser. Although it sounds easy, this game requires you to think carefully in choosing and removing the existing cards.

15. Arcane Legends
Despite having not-so-stunning graphics, Arcane Legend has excellent gameplay for MMORPG games. Like similar games, where the player will control the dpad on the left side of the screen, and the action button on the right side of the screen. But the most prominent thing in this game is the navigation system. Players will be spoiled with controls that are very responsive when tapping on the screen to walk or carry out attacks.

Well, that’s a row of the best and most popular android online game titles that are most played by gamers today. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and download the game above for free on your Android!