The Best Online Music Streaming Application on Android

The Best Online Music Streaming Application on Android – The trend of listening to music online (streaming) is indeed booming in Indonesia. If in the past we could only listen to music through MP3 files that were inserted into the cell phone, now we no longer need to download songs because all our favorite songs can be listened to online. In fact, some of them offer free music streaming.

If the iPhone has an online music streaming application called Apple Music, on Android we can find more music streaming applications. You can choose one of the ten applications that will be recommended by Caris Signal below to listen to music online.

1. JOOX Music
This online music streaming application may already be familiar to the ears of song lovers and Android users. Because the JOOX Music application is quite popular with proven more than 5 million users have downloaded this application.

JOOX Music offers a feature where users can listen to songs online without having to bother downloading the song. This application also has a feature where users will be given recommendations on the most popular songs as well as the best songs. Well, you want to get this application? Just click here directly to download the application.

2. Spotify
Who doesn’t know Spotify? The world-famous online music streaming application and the only biggest competitor from Apple Music entered Indonesia in early 2016. Spotify’s presence immediately received very good reception from music lovers in Indonesia. Because the music collection offered by Spotify is very up-to-date and very complete.

Simple and modern interface makes anyone can use this application easily. Just like some other music applications, Spotify can also be used free of charge or by buying a premium version with more qualified features.

3. Shazam
Shazam is an application that allows its users to listen to music online. You don’t need to bother downloading songs, just find your favorite song and listen to the song directly without having to bother downloading it first.

Shazam, this online music streaming application not only offers online song listening features. Shazam users can also listen to music offline. In fact, Shazam will continue to actively recommend the latest songs as well you know. Want to try? Download the application here.

4. Musixmatch
Listen to songs online while reading the lyrics of the song? Of course you can do both by only using one online music streaming application, Musixmatch. This application offers a feature to listen to favorite songs online and display song lyrics when the song is playing.

In addition, the collection of songs in this application is also connected to other music player applications, such as Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music. All these applications will be directly integrated with Musixmatch and will immediately display the lyrics of the song, so you can immediately sing while listening to the song. Pretty good, right? If you are interested, you can directly download the application here.

5. SongFlip
Providing millions of songs online, the SongFlip application can be one of the best solutions for those of you who like to hear music through the online music streaming application. SongFlip not only relies on a variety of songs in it, but also provides various convenience features.

One of the features is creating your own playlist for songs to be heard. You can choose your favorite songs to then be included in the playlist. Easy, complete, practical and free. Want to try it? Just click here and get the application immediately.

6. Google Play Music
There are still many Android users who have never tested Google Play Music. In fact, this one application is always on the Android phone that you just bought. Google Play Music offers 35 million songs.

When you decide to subscribe to Google Play Music, you will get YouTube Red which allows you to watch videos on YouTube without ads.

This application comes with a simple UI making it easier to use. Not only that, Google Play Music comes in a free version with a limited playlist, meanwhile if you subscribe to the paid version, then you have full power in this application.

7. Amazon Music
If Amazon Music used to be one of the most underrated online music streaming applications, now this application has begun to develop and provide more than 30 million songs. Amazon Music provides a music catalog that contains songs that you can download or buy.

Uniquely, in this application you can upload your own music and can be listened to through Google Play Music and Apple Music. Amazon Music with Prime Music is available for free and the pro version costs USD $ 10.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year.

8. Apple Music
Want to taste the application made by Apple on Android, why not? Apple Music is now available on various Android devices. Apple Music is also the most widely used music streaming application, specifically by Apple handset users.

However, now Android users can also use applications that provide 30 million music choices, live radio 24/7, and access to upload music and listen to it through your Android device.

Apple Music also includes a social component to allow you to see the activities of your favorite musicians. Apple Music provides several cost options that can be tailored to the needs of its users.

9. Deezer Music Player
If you’re looking for an online music application, it doesn’t hurt to try downloading the Deezer Music Player application. In this application, users can enjoy more than 53 million songs. Just like other applications, Deezer Music Player also allows users to create their own playlists. But, if you prefer to listen to music randomly, you can listen to songs from a playlist that is already available on Deezer Music Player.

In addition to songs, Deezer Music Player also provides a variety of podcasts, radios, to audio channels. So, the choice of songs in this application is more diverse and you will not be bored with the same song. But unfortunately, if you use this application for free, ads will always appear when listening to a song. However, that can be avoided by subscribing to Deezer Music Player.

10. SoundCloud
So far, SoundCloud is known as one of the sites to upload music produced by amateur and professional musicians. For many years SoundCloud was considered “YouTube” for musicians who wanted to upload songs without videos.

In early 2016, SoundCloud Go, the largest music library, was released. This was welcomed because SoundCloud offered a collection of more than 125 million songs, including songs from famous musicians.

In addition to the 10 online music streaming applications that have been mentioned and reviewed above, we also provide other recommendation applications that are no less good at streaming music.

11. Pandora Music
Another best-selling music streaming application, namely Pandora Music. This very easy-to-use application supports all platforms. Almost the same as Spotify, Pandora Music provides free and paid versions.

If you subscribe to the free version, you can only skip a few music tracks a day. However, if you use the paid version of Pandora Music, you can skip music that you don’t like as often as you want.

However, it is unfortunate because the collection of songs owned by Pandora Music is not too much because only about 1 million songs are available. Pandora comes in a free or paid version at a price of USD $ 4.99 per month and $ 54.89 per year.

12. Free music for YouTube
Not just for watching videos, the article Youtube also has a special application for you who want to listen to songs streaming. Of course, you must be connected to the internet when using the Free music for YouTube application.

Here, you can listen to songs from all content that is on YouTube. Also, you can immediately share the song on your other social media, Facebook for example. Well, you are also free to make a play list of favorite songs, not to mention you can also listen to everything else that is on Free music for YouTube. Want?

13. Slacker Radio
Basically, Slacker Radio is a pretty good music streaming application, but this application doesn’t get much appreciation from smartphone users. The free version of Slacker Radio allows you to skip 6 songs in an hourly time.

Meanwhile, if you use the paid version, then you can listen to songs offline, skip songs to your heart’s content, and listen to songs without ads. You can also create playlists that contain songs of your choice. However, Slacker Radio only has a collection of 12 million songs, which means that only one third of the music collection offered by Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

14. TIDAL Music
TIDAL Music is an interesting music streaming service, because this application reportedly has the highest royalty payment rates for musicians and offers a collection of 60 million songs along with 130,000 music videos.

Over time, the quality of TIDAL Music has become increasingly better. However, because this application provides the highest royalty payments to appreciate the work of the musicians whose music you listen to here, you must pay USD $ 9.99 or $ 19.99 per month to be able to use TIDAL Music.

15. TuneIn
Maybe TuneIn is not the best online music application, but this application provides more than 100,000 radio stations that cover the categories of music, comedy, sports, and many more. There are also AM and FM radios in your area.

TuneIn is available for free, but if you buy a version that costs USD $ 7.99 per month, then you get access to 600 commercial music stations and no advertisements as long as you stream on this application.

Currently, the most popular online music streaming application in Indonesia is Spotify, but you can also try other applications that we recommend above. Listening to your favorite music can now be done anywhere as long as your device supports the application and is equipped with an internet connection.