The Best Photo Editing Application for Smartphones

The Best Photo Editing Application for Smartphones – Capture the moment can be more perfect after editing. Many photo editing applications that can be selected on smartphones, for iPhone and Android. Visiting a city or gathering with family, taking pictures is a must-do moment. Especially now, smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras.

However, if your shots are less than perfect, you can use this best photo editing application. You can provide color filters, combine multiple photos, crop photos, and even brighten photos.

Here is the best photo editing application that can be downloaded on your smartphone.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express
This photo editing application is quite easy to use by ordinary people. Intended for editing on Android, photos in your gallery can be transformed to become more slick. One of the highlights, in this photo editing application you can click on blemish-removal. This method can help clean photos from dirt or disturbing stains.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
How it works is almost the same as Adobe Photoshop Express. This photo editing application is free and intuitive. Lightroom helps you create good photos. In this application can also change and improve images by improving its quality. Interestingly again, this photo editing application can eliminate pimples on the face with the help of brush adjusment and spot removal.

3. Photo Lab
This contemporary photo editing application has very diverse effects and is easy to apply. In Photo Lab, you can combine several photos in one frame automatically. You can also set the color to sharpness when taking photos directly from this application.

4. PicsArt
PicsArt has an excellent design to make it easy for you to edit photos either with filters or funny decorations. In this application also provided a camera to other photo editing features. Starting from bolders, clipart, collages, crop, frame, rotate, to text effects. If you have downloaded this photo editing application, try Magic Effect which can make your photos look more alive.

5. Pixlr
This photo processing application has dozens of features, tools, and effects. So, you can give a unique touch to the captured photo. The effects include border and overlay. For those of you who use iPhone smartphones, you don’t need to worry. Because the photo editing application is already available on the App Store and for Android on the Play Store.

VSCO or VSCO Cam is an application that can be downloaded via a smartphone for photography. This application can be used on iOS or Android. Filters in this application are made to mimic analog films. The features offered are also cool and more artistic. Suitable for those of you who like to upload photos on social media.

7. PicSay
PicSay has two types of versions, free and pro. If you are still in the trying stage, you can use the free one. This photo editing application is very intuitive and easy to use. Its use can be to improve the color of the photo to add text to the columns of the conversation to adorable doodles. Not only that, this application also comes with remove red eye and can combine two photos in one frame.

8. Cymera
This photo editing application is widely used on Android. The features that you can get in this application are filters and beauty to make up. So it is very suitable for editing the face so that it looks more perfect.

9. Snapseed
This online photo editing application is said to be a must-have. There are many editing features on Snapseed, one of which is tune image, crop, details, tonal contrast, vignette, to portrait or landscape settings. Vignette in this photo editing application aims to provide transparent dark bright gradations from the edge to the center of the photo. Very fitting to provide dramatic photo effects.

10. Prisma Photo Editor
The results of image filters from this application are rated very well. Unlike Snapseed, Prisma uses an artificial intelligence method to detect objects in your photos so this application requires an internet connection. Has many features that are similar to other photo editing applications. However, Prima can be integrated with other applications as well. Can add border effects with Snapseed or provide photo text with other applications.