The Best Video Player Application on an Android Smartphone

The Best Video Player Application on an Android Smartphone – Watching movies or videos via smartphones and tablets is a common thing to do. To fill spare time, Android device users can do various multitasking activities, including watching unique and interesting videos.

Unfortunately, the default video player program from a smartphone is sometimes unsatisfactory. For those of you who like to watch movies on an Android device, of course you need applications with complete features, including those that can read movie subtitles and play all video formats. Have a problem like that? We have the solution!

1. GOM Player
This application originating from Korea has actually been around for a long time. However, in the past GOM Player was only available for PCs. However, now GOM Player is available on Android devices. So, you can download this video player application to watch videos in various formats via smartphone or tablet. In addition, GOM Player can also read subtitles, so you can watch foreign films while reading the subtitles directly from this application. Until now GOM Player has been downloaded 5 million times by Android Users, this free application even managed to pocket the rating up to 3.9.

2. MX Player
It is incomplete if you do not include MX Player in the best video player application. MX Player is a feature-rich application that is widely used by Android developers. This application also supports set top box, XMBC, and other multimedia devices. Even MX Player supports various types of hardware, both single, dual, or quad core processors with subtitles and Subtitle Gesture features too. Also not spared, MX Pplayer installed the application with the Kids Lock feature which is perfect for children. Have multimedia devices? MX Player can also be connected directly with various multimedia devices, including Google TV. Other features offered are Pinch to zoom and various kinds of plugins. Well, you want to use this application?

3. VLC for Android
Maybe you are already familiar with this one media player. Initially, VLC was present as one software that could only be used on a laptop / PC. But now, you can enjoy the VLC application on an Android device. Not much different from the one on the PC, VLC for Android also has a variety of superior features. Some of the features in VLC are being able to read various video files such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC. Also, the interface offered is very simple, making it easier for you to watch videos smoothly and of quite good quality on VLC. Do you want to use this application? You can directly click this link to download the application.

4. Gplayer
This is a video application that is quite a favorite among Android users. If you want to watch full screen videos, this application will make your entire device’s screen a screen for watching movies and videos. However, if you want to watch videos while running other activities, Gplayer will also run videos without lag so that your multitasking activities will not be interrupted. Gplayer can be obtained free of charge through the Play Store. It has a reliable multiple floating feature where you can open multiple videos. Gplayer also comes with support for popular codecs and streaming files and subtitles for videos. Not to forget, the play group feature allows you to stream videos to other people’s devices. Interested?

5. Video Player All Format
In addition to VLC, the All Format Video Player is also one of the best video player applications in Caris Signal. How not, this application made by InShot Inc. offers a myriad of advantages for its users. For example, you can play videos in MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS, and others. Plus, you can enjoy videos with HD resolution, full HD, even 4K you know. Want to know the other advantages? Just download the application here.

6. HD Video Player
Want a free video player application with great features? Then you can choose the Video Player HD application. This is a free application that has been entrusted by more than 240,000 users. With this application, you can play videos easily and not complicated. You can play videos in AVI, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, 3GP, M4V, MOV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc. In addition, you can use subtittle with a variety of subtitle formats, you know. Come download the application here.

7. HD Video Player
In accordance with the name of the application, HD Video Player is ready to display videos with HD resolution. Besides being able to produce video resolutions properly, HD Video Player also has an interface that is classified as simple and easy to use. Another interesting feature is that you can create folders for each of your videos. In fact, you can also adjust the sound and equalizer to produce good sound. How, interested to try this application? If interested, you can click here to download HD Video Player.

8. km player
This is the best Android video player application that has been downloaded nearly 50 million times on the Google Play Store. Yes, km player is an application that can play videos from various formats. In fact, this application is also accompanied by sound settings to produce better audio quality. Caris Signal guarantees that whatever video format you want to play can all be played by the km player properly. Until now, km player has managed to pocket a 4.2 rating on the Google Play Store. This is a pretty good achievement considering there are many similar applications that are also scattered on the Play Store.

9. BSPlayer
The application, which was installed 50 million times on this Android device, received a positive response from Google Play Store users. BSPlayer supports almost all video formats. BSPlayer can be downloaded for free on the Play Store, but if you want to have the premium version, you have to pay. Not only that, even BSPlayer is compatible with almost all types of hadware, both single core, dual core, and quad core processors are also supported by ARMv6 and ARMv5 devices. In the free version, BSPlayer has a number of useful features, while the premium version only removes ads and adds some features

10. Video Player All Format – Full HD Video Player
There is another great application for playing videos, namely Video Player All Format – Full HD Video Player. In the application, you can enjoy various kinds of video content with MP4 format. In addition to the format that is quite friendly, this application also has a number of features that make it easy for you to watch videos. There is a feature called Auto Video Queue where you don’t need to click anything and the application will play videos in rotation. Then, there is also a child Mode & Screen Lock Feature where you can control so that children don’t just watch videos. Of course the features of this application are not only that, if you want to know the full features, directly use the application here.

11. S Player
S Player is another video player application that you can rely on well. With this application, of course you can play and watch videos without any hassle. In fact, there are some features that are quite unique in the S Player application. Our unique feature is the Health Mode feature where S Player is ready to protect your eyes from possible eye damage due to watching videos for too long. In addition, you can provide a code so that other people can not watch videos on your cell phone.

12. Video Player All Format – DN PLAYER
Another great application for playing videos is the All Format Video Player developed by DN PLAYER developer. In the application there are many features that make it easy and make users comfortable when watching videos. The features in question are multi select files, quick mute, night mode, video lock and unlock, find duplicate video, and many more. In addition to its features that are classified as very complete, this application also supports many video formats, such as MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, to TS format. Even more interesting, this application is classified as super lightweight because it only requires 11MB of storage space. Interested in trying it? Can be downloaded here.

13. Power Media Player
This is the Android video player application that you may be waiting for the most, because Power Media Player can not only play videos in various formats, but also allows you to view photos and play music that is on your device. The application that gets a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store can play videos in several formats with DTS Audio quality. In addition, the developer of this application also provides an audio equalizer so that users can set their own audio quality of the video to be watched. Not only can play videos in various formats, Power Media Player is also able to read images in various formats and play audio in various formats as well.

14. Video Player & Media Player All Format for Free
Furthermore, there are Video Format & Media Player All Format for Free where this application is also supported by many video formats, such as 3gp, asf, asx, avi, dat, divx, f4v, flv, m3u8, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpg , mts, ogm, rm, rmvb, swf, ts, vob, webm, and wmv. The advantages of this application do not stop there, because interestingly here you can immediately detect the memory card. In fact, you can also immediately delete and share videos that are on a memory card without having to move the video first. Pretty good, right?

15. FX Player
Last but not least, this time we recommend an application called FX Player. With this one application, you can play any video in various formats, like MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV, and many more. Not only that, FX Player is also supported by many formats for playing music, you know. Now, when it comes to video resolution, you don’t need to worry. Because, the FX Player will display videos with HD resolution, Full HD, 1080p, 4K, DVD, to Blu-ray. And most importantly, this application will not upset you, because FX Player is slow!

Therefore, use one of the best Android video player applications above so that your video or movie viewing activity is not interrupted by technical problems.