Types of Cloud Computing Services

Types of Cloud Computing Services – Cloud computing-based technology that is mushrooming in the world, as well as Indonesia, has become one of the big instruments playing in the current era of disruptive economics. The many advantages this technology provides to its users make large companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM and others participate in developing cloud-based solutions.

In Indonesian, cloud computing can be interpreted as cloud computing, which is a combination of technology that utilizes computers (computing or computing) and internet-based development (in this case called “cloud” or cloud). So, cloud is a term given to technology that can be accessed through the internet network.

In cloud-based technology, all data is located and stored on a server that can be accessed via the internet, as well as applications or software. This means that you no longer need to install the application on your device. Instead, you only need to be connected to the internet to access data and run applications that are in the cloud.

There are three types / levels of cloud-based services, namely Saas (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). What is the difference between the three? Let’s look at the following explanation.

SaaS (Software as a Service)
As the name implies, this type of cloud computing service is provided in the form of software. Examples are Google Docs and Sheets and Adobe Creative Cloud. In practice, you only use these applications without needing to understand where (physically) the data is stored or how the application is managed. These things are included in the services provided by the Software as a Service provider.

Through SaaS, you can access software (applications) easily without the need to provide storage for your device specifically for storing the application. Service providers will also guarantee the availability and reliability of their applications. That way, you can focus on maximizing the use of the application.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)
This type of cloud computing service comes in the form of a platform that you can use to create applications. If analogous, PaaS allows you to rent a “home” and its various “environments” (network, database engine, operating system, application framework, etc.) to help run the applications you make. As a tenant, you don’t need to think about maintaining the house because the Platform as a Service provider will do it, so you can focus on developing applications that you make in the “house”.

An example of this PaaS provider is IBM Bluemix. In this service, you can create your own application with various features that are already available. Ideally, the main feature of PaaS is high scalability. So, the more users your application has, the PaaS provider will automatically help your application to be able to serve that number of users.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
In IaaS, service providers will provide complete computing infrastructure (cloud computing) resources, ranging from servers, networks, storage, to data center spaces. Simply put, when using IaaS, you are actually renting an empty virtual computer. Once rented, you can add computing components such as CPU, RAM, Storage, Public IP, etc. to build a virtual computer that suits your needs.

By using IaaS services, you don’t need to buy a physical computer device and also think about managing it. The good news again, IaaS allows you to configure the virtual computer easily, quickly and practically. For example, if a virtual computer holds more data than the available capacity, you can add RAM or storage quickly.

Hopefully the explanation above can help you understand more about what cloud computing and its various types of services are easier. Understanding the basic concepts of cloud computing is very important in this era of cloud, especially if in the near future you decide to switch to the cloud ecosystem.

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