Types of Journal

Types of Journal – There are various kinds of journals published according to the function and focus of the reader. In general, the journal can be clarified into 3 types as follows:

Popular Journals
Popular journals such as Time, Vogue, and Economist contain a variety of writings that inform and entertain their readers. Posts can be in the form of news, editorials, opinions or opinions, as well as feature stories. As the name suggests, popular languages ​​are used in writing articles in journals so that they are easy to understand. In addition to scientific work, this journal can also contain additional content in the form of advertisements, illustrations, drawings, photos, quotes to biographies.

Scholarly Journals
Journals that are often used among academics contain a number of articles which are published periodically in a certain period of time aimed at informing and publishing the latest research findings or findings. The Journal of Science and Technology, or Publishing Research Quarterly is an example of a Scholarly Journal that can also contain reviews or criticisms about a study and findings.

Professional or Trade Journals
Journals such as MediaWeek, The Bookseller, and Advertising Age, which contain a collection of the latest or up to date news, target professionals or industry players as readers. Opinions to practical advice on a new product to reviews that inform readers about events in the industry or professional are also part of the Professional Journal.

Scientific journals and accounting journals included in the Scholarly Journals category are the most common types of journals and are often found among the three existing journal classifications.

Scientific journals
This one publication media contains a number of scientific papers complete with scientific data and information. Scientific journals are written following the rules and adjusting scientific scientific rules. This journal is published periodically.

Scientific journals known as health scientific journals, biology scientific journals, financial accounting, informatics engineering, are types of academic journals that are used as a means to publish scientific articles.

Not only published on a national scale, scientific journals have also been present to include an international scale. Both types of scientific journals have the same function, namely publishing creative and innovative work. The use of language is the most fundamental difference of these two journals.

Accounting journal
Journals in the realm of accounting are defined as the first permanent accounting records, and are used to record corporate financial transactions. Accounting journals must be carefully designed so that there will be no defects in recording a transaction.

The notes contained in this journal are accompanied by explanations, dates and other information, so they can be easily traced and traced back to the source document.

Besides functioning as a guide to find the source of a transaction data, the journal is also used as a summary provider of data contained in ledger accounts. Accounting journals are also used to store data on corporate financial records.