Types of Most Popular Video Formats

Types of Most Popular Video Formats – When you record a video and save it will have a different video format depending on the recording device used.

Video is a technology for capturing, recording, processing, transmitting and rearranging moving images. The moving image uses celluloid film, electronic signals, or digital media. Video can also be said as a combination of dead images that are read sequentially at a time with a certain speed.

When you record a video and save it will have a different video format depending on the recording device used. The video file format itself is a video file format that divides files into several categories. Well, whatever it is you see the following article about the Most Popular Video Formats below.

1. MP4 is one of the most popular and most used video formats. YouTube is a website that makes MP4 increasingly popular because it uses the MP4 extension (other than MKV), as the standard file format on every video that YouTube provides.

2. MKV Due to the large number of media in the form of video player devices, currently there are very many video formats. But of the many video formats used, one form of video format that began to circulate a lot and is used for high quality (High Definition / HD) is MKV or can be called Matroska Video.

3. AVI format has the same level of compatibility with the player.
Only AVI requires more space to store compared to MPG. AVI is usually used as a basic video editing format on a computer, the results of video editing in general use the AVI format.

4. MPEG The MPG video file format is a variant of the MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) video and audio compression format, optimized for broadcast quality video. MPG Video also has a file extension mpg. MPG is a file extension for MPEG-1 animation or MPEG-2 codec animation.

5. WMP video format stands for Windows Media Video is a compressed video file format created by Microsoft. The container commonly used for WMV files is ASF (Advanced Systems Format) The format ends with * .wmv or also * .asf. When WMV files are packaged in ASF container format, WMV files are able to protect intellectual property due to digital rights management facilities. This standard was officially approved in 2006 as VC-1.

6. 3GP is one of the most popular video formats in Indonesia in the early 2000s, the 3GP file format became the default file format for mobile phones. 3GP is specifically optimized as a small-sized video extension especially from mobile phones, namely in terms of the size of the resulting file.

Now that was the kinds of video formats that you should know, so you can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of each video format. Thus today’s article may be useful for you all. Follow and monitor Instagram Lens Community for the latest news on photography, videography, and visual graphics. See you in the next article.